Speaking of Waste Reduction...

Sustainable Packaging Resources
Need to learn more about packaging and the environment? We've put together a list of global resources that
takes a material-neutral approach. You decide for yourself!

FTC Guidelines for Environmental Advertising Claims
Do you know how to determine if an environmental cliam is legitimate? We've reviewed the FTC guidelines and written a brief explanation with examples. This is a must-read for businesses, consumers, and environmental groups. (Don't forget to consult your attorney, as well!)

Also, the FTC created a Green Guides document in 2012 that provides clarification regarding environmental marketing.

Oklahoma Officially Proclaims ULS Week

In 1995
, we held the first annual ULS Day. The tradition continues, with various states and organizations joining us in promoting waste reduction. In fact, the State of Oklahoma officially proclaims ULS Week each year.



Middle School Source Reduction Curriculum
We also helped create a middle school source reduction curriculum for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Give it a once-over.

ULS - The book, available "pre-read", for as little as one cent!
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