ULS Sustainable Products Program

Building Awareness of Sustainable Products and Packaging

If your product or packaging has been designed or re-designed to produce less waste, we want to help you promote it. We will grant the right to use a special version of the ULS logo on your product if it meets any of the following requirements:

• 20% reduction in energy consumption during product
  manufacturing, transportation, and/or use;

• 20% reduction in the net disposal weight of primary packaging
   with no increase in secondary packaging weight;

• 20% increase in product efficiency due to concentration,
   extended use, or increased functionality.

The improvement(s) can occur versus the previous version of the product or package, or vs. current industry standards or practices.

You will neeed to supply relevant data that backs up your claim(s), which must meet FTC guidelines. This data will be reviewed by us and/or our Advisory Board prior to granting permission for logo use.

Why Participate?

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There are many good reasons for you to participate in our program:

ULS is a credible, accepted source on issues relating to waste prevention. We've been around for 15 years, with awareness among millions of consumers worldwide, as well as with the general, environmental, and packaging media.

The "Use Less Stuff' concept is easy for consumers to understand. Simply put, the medium is the message.

We'll help promote your waste reduction efforts on the Web and via events centered around ULS Day in November and Earth Day in April. (See Packaging World and Private Label Buyer.)

We keep things affordable and reasonable. We charge a small annual fee that covers our research and certification efforts. There is no licensing fee based on sales numbers and no audit trail that needs to be certified. (Our agreement letter is only 3 pages long.)

We share. Ten percent of funds received are donated to non-profit organizations working to help consumers use less stuff.

Ready to get involved? Fill out this simple form. Need to learn more?
E-mail Bob Lilienfeld
or call 303-482-1745.



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